Snowshoe & Scavenger Hunt – Roseau Co. Museum

The Roseau County Museum has some fun-filled events in collaboration with the Roseau Flannel and Frost Winter Fest event in Roseau, February 24-25.

Strap on some snowshoes for an excursion down the river.  There will be tours starting at the top of every hour.

Inside events more your thing? The museum will be open 9-3 pm for a fun scavenger hunt for all ages. Stop by the museum and search for Frosty’s scarves cleverly hidden around the museum.

Or…stop by after you purchase a mug from the Fika—Coffee and Cocoa Sip and Shop Crawl and redeem the museum’s exclusive coupon available only through the Fika promotion.

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Dr. John Rae went to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company as a surgeon, accepting a post at Moose Factory, Ontario, where he remained for ten years. While working for the company, treating both European and indigenous employees, Rae became known for his prodigious stamina and skilled use of snowshoes. He learned to live off the land like a native and, working with the local craftsmen, designed his own snowshoes. This knowledge allowed him to travel great distances with little equipment and few followers, unlike many other explorers of the Victorian era.—

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